The Breast & Chest Buddy™
Those that have tried the Breast & Chest Buddy™ have loved it! Don't just take our word for it, see what they had to say themselves!
  • “I recently had a nipple-sparing double mastectomy and was in extreme discomfort as I left the hospital – the same day as the surgery. The Breast & Chest Buddy™ was a God-send. There is no way I could have traveled the two hours home without it on my seatbelt.”
    – Kim R., Danville, PA
  • “Not only did I have several biopsies on my right breast but also had a lumpectomy. I used the Breast & Chest Buddy™ after each procedure and am still using it, 6 months later, to protect me port-a-cath site. I don’t know how I could drive a car without this on my seatbelt!"         – Amy G., W. Pittston, PA

  • “I was lucky enough not to have a mastectomy, but had several brutal lumpectomies instead. It is a law to wear a seat belt – whether you have had breast surgery or not! If you are not wearing a seatbelt, you will get a citation. Thank goodness I always wear my Breast & Chest Buddy™. There is no way I could wear a seatbelt without it."
    – Cindy H., Allentown, PA

  • “I have an older car with a seatbelt that doesn’t adjust very well. After my breast surgeries, the seatbelt would cut into my chest, so I simply did not wear one. My friend gave me a Breast & Chest Buddy™ and it probably saved my life. I was in an accident shortly thereafter, and had I not been wearing my seatbelt covered in my Breast & Chest Buddy™,  there is no telling what would have happened to me."
    – Alberta P., Fairfax, VA

  • "This item is wonderful. I received it the next day. Anybody with breast cancer and has had a mastectomy the Breast & Chest Buddy should be an essential. Thanks for making a great item."  
    Bev.  Goshen, IN

  • "We were so happy to see you have included a Breast & Chest Buddy for the open heart surgery patients! My mother was thrilled with her Breast & Chest Buddy and used it immediately after her surgery. She said it was a Godsend"
    – Brandi C.
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