The Breast & Chest Buddy™
The Breast & Chest Buddy been featured in a number of publications! See what people are saying:

"Heck spent two years prototyping this 'seatbelt cocoon' into what is now a flawless final product. The removable European sham design allows for easy cleaning of the outer cover while the padded insert has the perfect amount of cushioning for comfort without causing embarrassment to the user."
     -Katie Manley
     Happenings Magazine

"Heck’s invention started at the needle of her own sewing machine. With the help of her usual seamstress, Heck spent two years fiddling with different materials, fillings, sizes and shapes. When satisfied with her product’s design, she decided that long-term, she would need more assistance and hired another seamstress making it possible to pump out a [Breast & Chest Buddy] every week since March 2013.
The word of mouth response to this thoughtful and practical invention by breast cancer websites, foundations, gift shops, cancer support groups, oncologists, and surgeons has been explosive, Heck said."
     -Jane Kavulich
     The Dispatch

"'I think it’s wonderful. It doesn’t ride up or down when I’m in a car,' said cancer survivor Carol Herbert, 66, of Mount Cobb, a retired bookkeeper who is delighted with the product.
'I am really blessed,' Herbert continued. 'I've been living with this (breast cancer) for 17 years now, and I have wonderful doctors and nurses to thank for that. This soft little pillow helps, too.'
'I want younger women to know this diagnosis doesn't have to be a death sentence,' said Herbert, who finds the [Breast & Chest Buddy™] makes her chemotherapy trips easier."
     -Mary Therese Biebel
     The Times Leader
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