The Breast & Chest Buddy™

Maria Jiunta Heck, President of Green Gables Enterprises, designer and owner of the Breast & Chest Buddy™, truly discovered the meaning of the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention.” In 2009, Maria was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy.  As every mastectomy patient knows, this procedure is emotional and uncomfortable. Our bodies become difficult to maneuver immediately following surgery, and simple tasks, such as driving a car and fastening a seatbelt prove daunting and difficult. When Maria was discharged from the hospital, she was given a pillow with which she was to cushion her seatbelt over her site. It was unruly and frustrating.  Because a mastectomy patient may go through multiple procedures over the next 8 to 12 months, it was imperative to cushion the delicate area where a seatbelt rests daily.

Maria searched high and low, internet, phonebook and gift shops to no avail. Since no one had ever designed a product like this, she would. Thus, the Breast & Chest Buddy™ was born. Four years later and Maria still wears her Breast & Chest Buddy™ every, single day. No one understands what a mastectomy patient needs like another mastectomy patient.

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